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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Team Five Remains Undefeated at Field Trip!

In case you ever wondered, they DON'T screen field trip chaperones very thoroughly at all.

Serendipitous or Suspicious that the first school field trip I've been on since elementary school is traveling on a nice chartered bus?

Answer: Serendipitous!

My phone really skanked out on me for the duration of the field trip today.  Not ONE picture I took ended up ANYWHERE on the phone!
So, even though I PERSONALLY have no PROOF that Team Five WON at Field Trip, we TOTALLY did!

It's an un-commemorated victory, with a lower-case v.

I was COMPLETELY inflexible about my Field Trip Participant Rules.  I put a whole lot of thought into them, because I'm very strict like that, and these kids might not be used to that kind of discipline.

Once we wrangled the one AWOL kid back, it was time to lay down The Law.  The Law of Field Trip.

*Field Trip Law*

1. No Hitting
2. No Smoking
3. Stay with the Group

Then, even though all ten of my children for the day were very well-behaved, I made them take a ride on an Endangered Species Carousel, in order to provide them with a Priceless Memory. 

Which is where we found out that there are many colorfully decorated Endangered Species that we were unaware were endangered, including what appeared to be a Plain, Backyard Dwelling, Green Frog that inexplicably featured what appeared to be a Common White Pond Duck peeking out from under the frog's saddle in the back.  I was riding a Rhino and had a constant view of that duck, going up and down, in true carousel tradition, except that there was no music whatsoever.  

Peeking Duck?  I just got that!  Pretty funny, Audubon Zookeepers.  A+!  Score one for the Zoo!

But Team Five still WON!

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