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Monday, February 18, 2013

Bad Cat and the Change of Life

Somebody got neutered Friday.
Bad Cat, formerly known as the Biggest Balled Housecat in the Waaaaay down Soufth, is trying to figger out how to swagger without the extra weights. 

He could already jump about five feet straight up.  Once he's healed completely, and has you-know-what off his mind, he might even make it to the Cat-Olympics, if they exist.

I'm torn between feeling sorry for him and feeling optimistic about a subsequent transformation into, if not a GOOD cat, at least a REGULAR cat! 

And then the dreaded Cloud of Dread rears her ugly head.  As usual, in her role as the Oracle of NOT, she reminds us that we really aren't in control. 

She suggests that Bad Cat might instead become an evil villain, bent on destroying those he holds accountable for his brand-new, unnatural, anatomical arrangement.

You know you're in for a rough week when having a sore throat is already your favorite part.*

*Because you get to eat as many Luden's Sore Throat candies as you want (which is a LOT!). 


  1. Interested to see how Mr No-Balls (fictional name to allow him to maintain anonymity) responds to his new altered masculinity. Please keep undated. -Mhanda

  2. Oh, he was already UNdated, Stripes! Unless you count those stuffed animals. I guess you could say he was "seeing" them, in a disgusting kind of way, but he never took them out on proper dates.


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