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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bad Cat Gets a Newish Toy

Surprise!  I made Bad Cat a toy last night.  Because (1) I feel kinda bad about getting his b****s surgically removed next week and (2) I believe you should always keep the enemy guessing.  No way was he expecting a gift.  From ME!  (3) Also, there was this two and a half foot long light brown braid made of yarn that was lying around constantly reminding me of another incomplete project. 
I started on it last summer.  It was SUPPOSED to end up as a pretty Hair Thingie Holder for all of Sweet Baby's hair thingies.  But the face was made of a nude bra cup, and looked like Arthur's sister D.W. from the cartoon on PBS, making it very distracting and a bit disturbing to work on.
So, I cut up a paper towel cardboard and slipped the braid through it.  And I was able to use up a piece of that stuff that looks like ribbon that you can use when sewing to reinforce seams.  But the rings slipped off because there was nothing on them to block their path.
So I had to tie the ends of the fat braid to each other, which wasn't easy. 
I approached Bad Cat and we eyed each other warily.  I tried to give it to him, but he wouldn't take it.  Understandable, considering our history and ongoing feud.  So, I GENTLY placed it around his head like he had just stepped off the boat in Hawaii and I was a beautiful Native girl presenting him with an official, and completely innocent "Aloha, Kitty!" lei.
Bad Cat was either unsure of my intentions, or maybe he'd never heard about getting lei'd in Hawaii, because he immediately started trying to step OUT of his new toy/ fashion accessory, head first.  It was going smoothly until somehow one leg ended up encased in a piece of cardboard for just a moment.
A moment that was just long enough to change his life forever because I realized in a flash how easy and fun it would be to make cat boots out of empty paper tubes!
Then he left the room to collect his thoughts and contemplate life (just kidding- he was probably going to make sweet cat love to the giant stuffed frog!), and also I had asked him to think about what color boots he wants. I think he's gonna LOVE his new camo cat boots.  My first Pinterest PROJECT! (OH, yeah!)

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    I've been informed that Bad Cat's interest has shifted from the Giant Frog to the Pink Unicorn. But he'll be a eunuch in about a week anyway,and THEN we won't have to launder the stuffed animals all the time.


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