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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Be(frie)st Idea EVER!

I just had the BEST IDEA EVER!

We CLONE ourownselves.  Who better exemplifies God's and Nature's best works thus far?

We then raise the Be-Clones in a carefully controlled environment (a Be-Commune, tentatively called The Be-Hive, residents to debate and agree to name at a later date), every aspect designed to optimize the development of our many talents, while minimizing and possibly even preventing the appearance altogether of any of our less attractive habits and attributes.  We won't spend much time on that last part, though, because, let's tell it like is, our faults are Few, and those we DO have are actually considered to be GIFTS in certain circles.

(I really wanted to insert some serious Theme music here, but I couldn't figure out HOW.  So, if y'all don't mind, please IMAGINE you are listening to the best theme music you can imagine.)

THIS is it, what we've been searching for.  Our One True Destiny.  We OWE it to the Rest of the World. 

P.S. My own existing clone, Ponytail (who keeps asking me to change her blogalias to The Instigator), may have to battle my new clone to the death at some point, so it will admittedly be a somewhat bittersweet experience for me. 

***Leave a comment and let me know what theme music YOU imagined.  Because I REALLY wanna figure out how to add music to a post.


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    1. Totally great idea! I'm gonna get this figured out one day.


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