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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Have a Little Faith in Me, Bill Gates?

When my laptop's battery reaches 11%, it dings loudly and displays this message:
Battery critically low.
Please plug in now or find an alternate power source.
What kind of alternative power source does Bill Gates suppose I have access to?  Does he think his encouragement will be enough to inspire me to a greatness only HE knows I'm capable of?  IS it my destiny to be the one who invents microwave oven powered nuclear energy that charges all your home electronic devices while you heat up leftovers or make Jolly Time Blast o Butter popcorn (a.k.a. the Only Popcorn That's Worth the Three Minutes it Takes to Pop)? 
More than likely, he just wants me to harness the Sun's energy and tether it via Bluetooth to power my whole home.
Either way, it IS a bit of a morale booster to know someone out there has THAT much faith in me!

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