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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Double AH *see first: AH*

Apparently it was an unforgivable offense that I didn't finish scribbling on the two unofficial pieces of paper shoved at me yesterday, neither of which affects individual or company performance or productivity in any way. 

Kelso brought it (rudely) to my attention at the very beginning of the next shift, as if the omission were somehow an act of premeditated, gross misconduct.  My response was essentially:  My bad.  I was taking care of my actual WORK obligations.

And then I heard a set of words one never expects to hear in the American workplace.  THE set of words that earned Kelso the first ever Double AH distinction.

Kelso actually said the words:   You need to make sure all your paperwork is done before you eat or go to the bathroom.

He's like a double AH.  Literally, the anus of a donkey.

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