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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cat-Shit Crazy 2

R:  I'll bet normal famblies never have to scream: Get off the table or I will throw a dog at you! just so they can eat breakfast without the cat.

R:  And THEN, STOP clawing the couch, Jagger! HERE comes Mister Monkey!!!

R:  Now Jagger is over in the shoe rack/pile. Why does he try to put on my shoes? It's like Bo when he used to prance around in his Mama's shoes when I babysat.

J:  Our family isn't normal either. Our cat likes to eat lunch in the high chair.

R:  Maybe we should GET a high chair for Jagger, or at least SOMETHING we can strap him in! I really think it's HIM, and not US, but I'm probably just in denial.

R:  Was he possibly normal when he got here and we broke him? Or is it just that he was conceived and borned in a meth lab... The dog (the real live one, not the tiny stuffed one I flung at the cat!)- his poop don't stink no more! Scooter's like the canine version of Teacher's Pet now.

J:  I think all animals are a little weird. They each have their own little personality.

R:  It's a SHOE BOX, Jagger, and not even a very nice one. WHY.

R:  Next, on Animal Planet: My Cat Might Be a Pervert.

R:  When you notice your cat is looking at you oddly while wearing your shoes and licking himself, it's either time to stop drinking or time to START.

A:  awwww

L:  He's eyeing those comfy wedges... but maybe a whiff of those sneakers is making his whiskers curl.

R:  L, I saw him stick his whole head in that same sneaker and inhale deeply. I just sat in the kitchen finishing my breakfast, watching him, and thinking about the absurdity of it all. He kept squinching his eyes and looking away on account of my phone's camera flash, too.

L:  lol.  Maybe he will start hiding things in your shoes like a squirel storing nuts for later.

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