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Sunday, September 30, 2012

(Guest Host) Pretendra : For Lack of a Knack for Communication

My "favorite" language misuse is something I read in charts CONSTANTLY.  I've given up trying to convince anyone that they shouldn't write this.  It used to make me laugh; it just makes me sad now.
Patient AROUSES easily.
It is true that an occasional patient may become AROUSED during the course of care and treatment.  This is usually accidental, always ignored, and is NEVER encouraged. 
If one attempts to AROUSE a patient, one is acting inappropriately, immorally, and most likely, illegally!
If one elects to keep at it long enough to determine whether a patient is IMPOSSIBLE to AROUSE, rather than merely DIFFICULT to arouse, one is very dedicated and in need of either psychiatric assistance STAT, or a career change (fluffer comes to mind), and maybe a good lawyer.

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