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Friday, September 14, 2012

I bought some hairspray, but not really

My usual brand of bar soap recently featured a promotional miniature can of hairspray taped to it.  YES, I thought loudly to myself, at LAST!  A free gift I can USE!

I probably should start storing first aid and beauty products SEPARATELY.
Also, I shouldn't use EITHER without wearing contacts or glasses.

Please support my cause by signing this petition and passing it on.

Dear Food and Drug Administration:
For obvious safety reasons,  companies should be required to put a warning label with THIS IS NOT HAIRSPRAY in large print on all spray cans that AREN'T.
Thank you,
Coalition of Americans for Safer Hairspray
(Because styling your hair shouldn't be dangerous)

1 comment:

  1. Perfect for evil practical jokes!

    **Label Switch!**
    Put travel sized labels over the liquid bandage can.

    Use your imagination, People!
    But, to get you started:

    Hair spray
    Air freshener
    Spray paint
    Athlete's foot spray products
    Non-stick cooking spray
    Color costume hairspray

    P.S. I do NOT endorse these ideas for actual use!
    They are to THINK about ONLY.


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