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I bet if you took all the evil people in the world and laid them end to end (but not in any dirty kind of way), you would be surprised to find that not one of them was Me.

Monday, April 8, 2013

I really like pizza. Really.

Not to add too much to your burden of favors, etc., while you're in Sicily, but I NEED you to seek out the best pizza (and pizza maker) and pass on their secrets to me. I had to make my own scratch crusts (I liked them, but my children were not fans) from internet recipes because my "friend" forgot to tell me that the crust SHE uses to make the best homemade pizza I've ever had was PILLSBURY. IN A CAN! And it's not ROUND. WHAT the FLUCK, Pillsbury? Are you selling rectangular pizza stones now?  They didn't have any when I went to the store!  All the pizza stones and pans I saw were flucking ROUND. So, yeah, keep in touch. I could have Bad Cat swallow a jump drive with fake government secrets and you can take him with you if that would help with negotiations with the Sicilians! He likes to travel with his lighter shaped like a shotgun, so I don't know if that will be a problem at the airport. He also has several disguises, including wigs, hats, false teeth, fake leg cast, beards, and an urn. He can hold his breath as long as David Blaine can (seventeen minutes), in the event you need to fake his death.

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