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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Oh, deer: stuck in the mud (allegedly)

My children claim this really happened.
Back when they were all still small enough to be picked up and carried around (individually, I'm NOT a body-builder!), we used to ride around in a white Ford Taurus station wagon.
One year, the deer were very populous and visible in our woods and sides of roads.  If you've ever had the misfortune to have one run straight at your car, you can understand the vigilant way you constantly scan for them while driving.  It was always a treat to see a live deer, AND to then NOT hit it with your car.  Being vegetarians, we just liked to look at them, and usually didn't tell any of the hunter/Fambly/neighbors about it until the next day.  I believe our record was seeing FIVE deer at one time.
So, as they tell it, we returned home one dark night and noted deer(s) in the thinly wooded area to the right of the really long driveway.  Of course, humans can see in the dark, too, if they have a flashlight or, in our case, a nice set of bright car headlights.
So the three promptly proceeded to beg and beg and beg until I finally gave in and pointed the headlights at the deer.  The car suffered some sort of unusual multi-system malfunction and just kinda sorta fell OFF the driveway and inTO some powerfully deep mud.  The deer scattered and disappeared, most likely into the quicksand.
After I heroically carried each child to the safety of the driveway, I returned, risking death by mud/quicksand, for the groceries, because near-death experiences while deer-watching makes one unbelievably hungry. 
Then we all trudged homewards in search of non-traditional road-side assistance for our "broken-down" vehicle.
Perhaps it was the Paw-Paw and the uncle who completed the vehicle recovery, or perhaps they were still at it when Pedro arrived home from working at the factory.  In either case, this story cannot be corroborated, and I continue to contend that it NEVER actually happened anyway.

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  1. While we're on the subject of funny/embarrasing animal/human interactions, I am joining you in a recantment of sorts; do not believe the ridiculous story some of you (ok, all of you) may have heard once about me hitting and killing a cow with Dad's truck when I was a teenager. There exists no corroborating proof that this did, indeed, happen. I think maybe "someone" was telling hurtful lies to make it appear that maybe I'm not a good driver... -Mhanda


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