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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Do y'all remember that time we all went to Greece, or possibly Tennessee?

I recently came across this old picture and posted it on facebook.  It got waaaaay more reaction than I anticipated.  The names of all the people (living or dead), whether pictured, commenting, or referred to, have been changed to protect their reputations, especially since there are accusations of theft, and some of the punctuation is missing (probably stolen).  Also, everybody but me seems to be suffering from ADD.

MisterNiceGuy: LOOOOOVEEE! Where is this? (September 4 at 9:58pm)
NaughtyorNice: Definitely not Greece! (September 4 at 10:01pm )
DayTime: I love how EnchiladasMacintosh is the only one not looking at the camera. (September 5 at 12:16am)
Enchiladas: I was going through my aboriginal phase and I thought the camera would steal my soul if I looked at it. (September 5 at 3:25am)
LongShot: No wonder I can't find most of my pictures. I told TractorTrailer last night that there has been a picture thief at our house. Closing in on the suspect now. (September 5 at 5:50am)
LongShot: And really, y'all do where this is at. Right? (September 5 at 5:51am)
NaughtyorNice: Well, at least this thief is scanning and posting them so all of us can enjoy them! (September 5 at 5:56am)
LongShot: I think there may be several of them, all female. (September 5 at 5:59am)
Enchiladas: I don't HAVE a hard copy of any of the old pictures. I believe NaughtyorNice scanned most of them at my house to make a slide show. You can tell on the "originals" on my computer that many of them are on album pages. I just crop out individual ones sometimes. (September 5 at 6:14am)
LongShot: What slide show? (September 5 at 6:16am)
Enchiladas: I found a folder titled: Uncle Wrigley's pictures, so I think that several different people provided pictures to be scanned, in addition to pictures he kept in his wallet or house. (September 5 at 6:22am)
LongShot: No wonder I can't find that envelope. Or is it one of those big yellow envelopes? I was talking to TractorTrailer about Wrigley's pictures a couple days ago and had not a clue where it was at. (September 5 at 6:31am)
Enchiladas: I DON'T HAVE THE PICTURES! I have a COMPUTER FOLDER full of (now) DIGITAL IMAGES! September 5 at 6:34am)
NaughtyorNice: Sorry I jumped to conclusions!! Glad you have them. Please keep sharing! (September 5 at 6:36am)
LongShot: OK let me understand. You have a folder on your computer marked: "Wrigley's pictures". Now do I have it right? (September 5 at 6:45am)
Enchiladas: Yes! I do not have rows and rows of filing cabinets filled with photographs, stolen or otherwise. (September 5 at 6:52am)
Enchiladas: To further clarify, I believe the pictures were all returned to whoever submitted them for scanning. Bring me like a flash drive or something and you can have digital copies of whatever you want. (September 5 at 7:05am)
Petunia: Where was this taken? (September 5 at 7:24am)
Enchiladas: Petunia, my Mom (LongShot) seems to know, but I can only surmise it is somewhere in Tennessee, since that's the only place we ever went outside of Woolmarket, for family reunions. (September 5 at 7:35am)
Petunia: For the life of me, I can't remember. That would have been around the time this picture was taken by the looks of us :) love you guys. (September 5 at 7:37am)
Starbucks: If I remember right this was in tn at the lookout point that has the battle field things. It looks like a bunch of us kids are mad at the world. (September 5 at 8:01am)
LongShot: Starbucks, yes it is top of Lookout Mountain at Point Park and was taken in 1985, a few months before MinnieMouse had her stroke. (September 5 at 9:35am)
LongShot: Enchiladas, I have that photo copier and am trying to get all my pictures scanned so I can grab the external hard drive I am putting them on and can grab it and run in case of fire or hurricane. Of course that depends on if I can put my hands on it when I need it you can then have copies of all my pictures. Might take years to get it all done. Want to help me sometime? (September 5 at 9:40am)
Sunflower: i totally remember this trip. i talk about it all the time. (September 5 at 12:16pm)
Enchiladas: Sunflower, I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not! (September 5 at 12:21pm)
Sunflower: no way..i really do remember that trip..lookout mountain was so cool..i would love to take my kids one day. i think they would have alot of fun. they had a swing bridge that the boys walked acrossed ...it was so high up it scared most of us but the boys all walked across and made it rock..i will never forget that swinging bridge. (September 5 at 12:24pm)
LongShot: I was one of the best times ever. I also remember the one who could spot every McDonald's on the drive. Do you remember the drive took us way too many hours because we stop for way too many times. We were all awestruck. (September 5 at 12:27pm)
Enchiladas: Please tell me we were "awestruck" because of the majesty of nature and not by how many McDonald'ses there were. (September 5 at 12:34pm)
LongShot: majesty of nature of course! (September 5 at 12:38pm)
LongShot: off the subject, but did you get my text? (September 5 at 12:40pm)
Enchiladas: Who took the picture, do you think? Also, that was a LOT of people in that little Ford Falcon, especially without air conditioning. Remember how we had to take turns holding the smaller children? (September 5 at 12:52pm)
Starbucks: This really brings back a great memory. I do know that Sunflower could spot the golden arch miles in advanced. It was a good thing seat belts were not the law at that time. Our parents would have been put in jail not only no seat belts but way to many in a small car. Good times for sure. (September 5 at 1:08pm)
Enchiladas: I think if we got pulled over, the cops would've made us all get out of the car, just for the whole clown-car effect! And it's hard to write tickets when you're laughing that hard. (September 5 at 1:12pm)
LongShot: I hope I never forget that trip. I'm glad I have pictures to remember it. (September 5 at 1:12pm)
LongShot: Enchiladas, aren't you supposed to be sleeping? (September 5 at 1:13pm)
Enchiladas: Mama, for HEAVEN'S SAKE, I'm almost 40 years old! I don't HAVE a BED-TIME anymore!!! (September 5 at 1:20pm)
LongShot: TheGreat took the picture, she was our tour guide. We went in two vehicles. TheGreat's big car and our station wagon that kept overheating. (September 5 at 3:26pm)
LongShot: Jethro's in the picture, but he rode up with Gruff. (September 5 at 3:26pm)
Enchiladas: I was kinda hoping the car over-heating was not a real memory. It was freaking Ju-LY! (September 5 at 4:00pm)
LongShot: The car ran hot, we were ok. (September 5 at 4:59pm)
GlueStick: Enchiladas, you are looking at NaughtyorNice "LIKE REALLY NAUGHTY OR NICE, A SMILE?" I see that look from Starbucks all the time so nothing has change with that look! (September 5 at 5:48pm)
MoonBeam: Got a good laugh reading these comments. The main thing I remember is BeenThereDoneThat burning a hole in my sleeve slamming some Pop Rocks on me. I think he got in big trouble for that one! (September 6 at 8:28pm)
Petunia: I remember the trip too. I couldn't remember the year. Sunflower and I have talked about it often. Not only could Sunflower spot all the mcdonalds but TheGreat could spot all the wendy's for frostys. She had an internal Wendy's GPS. I remember all of us being lost because of no television; we weren't quite sure what we were supposed to do all day. (September 7 at 1:39pm)
LongShot: The BuriedAlives weren't lost without TV those days. (September 7 at 3:12pm)
Petunia: true it was me and Sunflower :) (September 7 at 3:58pm)
Sunflower: Petunia, do you remember that TheGreat kept telling us that the house we were gonna stay in did not have indoor plumbing..we were so scared of having to go use an out house...we were so happy when we got there and saw a bathroom... TheGreat and MinnieMouse laughed for a long time..but we didnt...ok, i do now:) (September 7 at 4:34pm)
Petunia: I had forgotten about that but i do remember it now. Remember that first breakfast I don't think i have ever seen such a big breakfast even on a breakfast buffet lol.(September 7 at 4:35pm)
Sunflower: yep..i think it was also the first time we had... SUN DROP.. drink, we were so excited about it. it has become real big up here in the past 2 years.. i tried it agin.. yuck, i dont know what we were thinking..haha (September 7 at 4:40pm)
Petunia: lol i remember that. i dont drink pop any more; 1 year sober lol no pop. (September 7 at 5:05pm)
LongShot: Good for you Petunia! RollerSkates is off soda too. I am so proud of y'all. (September 7 at 7:06pm)
RollerSkates: Thanks Sister. Love you all. (September 8 at 3:19pm)

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