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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Which is more fun: playing Avoid the FAKE lava or avoiding veryvery REAL fleas? (from the facebook files)

J: (@ohrelatefacts:) If you never jumped around the furniture avoiding the lava on the ground, then you didn't have a childhood.

R: True Story: we played the EXACT same game, except it was less about having fun and more about survival. I guess NOT surviving would have been LESS fun, though. The goal of our "game" was simple: avoid being eaten alive by the fleas that invaded our room because of the secret batch of kittens we smuggled into the closet so they wouldn't have to live outside in one of the old rusty, junked, broken down "parts" cars PawPaw was always using to decorate the property. For some reason, the fleas seemed to respect the boundaries we established, and they stayed off the beds as long as WE stayed off the floor. Weird, but true. As for us, we got really good at the long jump on school field days and, if we'd had encouragement at home, would most likely be Olympic Long Jump Gold Medal holders now, with lucrative commercial product endorsement deals, instead of having lifelong, pathological fears of kittens.

R: P.S. This True Story can be verified by M.

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