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Saturday, August 3, 2013

#CSpireLies FOREVER-the bizarre saga continues...

#CSpireLies text received at 0257:
Your data speed has been reduced until 08/03/2013. Use Wi-Fi when available to avoid reduced data speeds. Thank you for choosing C Spire.

My texts:
#1.  It already IS 08/03/2013.  Thank you very much for disturbing my household at 3 o'clock in the morning, #CSpireLies, in order to deliver further proof that there is not one dictionary in the entirety of the #CSpireLies cellular service hostage organization.

#2.  What EXACTLY is your problem, #CSpireLies?  I use LESS data than anybody I know.  Your cryptic harassment remains unacceptable.  Furthermore, please STOP CONTACTING ME in the middle of the NIGHT.  Perhaps your employees would appreciate the same treatment your customers enjoy. #CSpireLies FOREVER

#3.  The new Untrustworthiness Pyramid has been released.  #CSpireLies has edged ahead of Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Pehlps Jr.
Congratulations, #CSpireLies!

#4.  Please GO AWAY, inevitable #CSpireLies representative "responding" to my text.  #CSpireLies started it.  I did NOT.     Please refer to previous #s 1 through 3.  DO NOT further disturb my family in the middle of the NIGHT with a follow-up text, no matter how well-intended.  #CSpireLies FOREVER

*: Thank you for contacting Csprie Wireless, This is *, How may I assist you?
Sent via Personalized Wireless

(Me? I simply re-sent #4. )

I WAS exhausted, and ready for sleep.  Now, thanks to #CSpireLies, I'm exhausted, FED UP, and MAD.  These bizarre practices of #CSpireLies MUST stop.

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