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Saturday, June 29, 2013

If I Were God, Even More People Would Hate Me

Poor Little Paula
For everyone who is not ashamed to openly demonstrate support for Paula Dean during her "trying times"

First, Paula has more supporters than you or I EVER dreamed of having.  She does not need either of us. 
Now, please show us that you also support people who do need it.  I'm sure it's there, just not as obvious.  If you wouldn't mind, please point it out for us.
Although I treasure all of our rights to free expression, we must also respect the right to the expression of dissent.  I am unable to understand the (what I consider to be) misguided support of people who DO NOT NEED US.  Because they don't need us!
The realization that so many people openly prioritize this way makes my stomach churn.  I wonder if it's just another bad dream, and I feel like throwing up, as I watch and mourn the tangible disappearance of humanity from the human race.  I feel we need to apologize to each other, and to God, but I know that even this falls short.
How did we become a society that pledges allegiance to celebrities instead of reaching out to help a few of the legions of the Ignored that God deliberately places in our paths...   

Contrary to the way it must look, I don't enjoy being the bad guy.  I don't want explanations, and I'm unmoved by excuses.  For now, I have watched and read all I need to about Paula. 
Because this isn't about Paula; it's about the rest of us, how we don't know how to think, or even feel, for ourselves anymore.  We sign up with the celebrity golden idol "underdog" of the moment, letting pack mentality rule us, rather than daring to stand up alone for something, anything at all, that really, really matters.

May God have mercy on us all. 
If I were God, I wouldn't...

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