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Thursday, December 20, 2012

2012 in True Moments/Stories (that we're not particularly proud of)

I'll go first, since I'm the professional here. 
*Fell asleep WHILE eating a cup of Moollenium Crunch Ice Cream.  Vaguely remember waking up several times, REALIZING what I had done, and then alternating my sleep-attempts to clean up with my (apparently stronger) sleep-attempts to FINISH the ice cream.  I mean, even asleep, I maintain a very strong commitment to NEVER WASTING ICE CREAM.
King-sized bed covered with pecans, chocolate chunks, melted ice cream.  Also caught in the crossfire were: cell phone,TV remote, notebook, NetBook, THREE extension cords, electric blanket, books... Moral of the Story? I don't want to be remembered as the woman whose cause of death was:  Electrocution due to falling asleep while eating Moollenium Crunch ice cream, and simultaneously breaking nearly every electrical (and "other") safety recommendation ever made.

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