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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Ninety Percent

One time I was holding court (enthralling whilst educating) on my children with frank education and discussion about a common thread on the TV detective shows we love.  Specifically, I was explaining why the initial primary suspect in a woman's murder was the male partner.  Again.  Always.  Always.
"It's because in Real Life, ninety percent of the time when a woman dies, it's the husband who did it!"  (pause for effect)  Then (slowly and clearly, to ensure they understood the magnitude of this shocking true statistic), "Ninety percent of women are killed by their partners or former partners." 
"You mean ninety percent of murdered women, right, Mommy?"
Details, details.
Just another reason it's probably for the best that I didn't officially homeschool them after all. 
We laughed for a while, considering together the hilarious hypothetical implications.  Legions of hundred year old men being removed in handcuffs from hospitals and funeral homes following the demise of their also hundred year old wives who succumbed to heart attacks, strokes, and other natural causes.
Oh, children, thine ability to appreciate humor in even its most macabre and inappropriate forms doth astound me.  Stay you forever.

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