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I bet if you took all the evil people in the world and laid them end to end (but not in any dirty kind of way), you would be surprised to find that not one of them was Me.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I hope I will... (2014)

I will...
I will hope, and I will try. I will.
I will love, more than I ever have.  I will.
I will forgive, more than I ever thought I could.  I will.
When I pray, I will fill my prayers with many more thanks than requests.  I will.
I will not apologize for being me.  I will not.
I will strive to be in the moment I'm in.  I will.
I will be someone worth knowing.  I will.
I will give someone another chance, because I've been given many.  I will.
I will tell the people that I love, that I love them.  I will.
I will choose to do something, every day.  I will. 
But, when my choice is to do nothing, I will own that decision, and enjoy it.  I will.
I will look for a really great place to enjoy the sunset.  I'll find it.  I will.
I will pull the car over when the moon is just right for it.  I will.
I will let starry skies wash away old hurts.  I will.
I will keep my mirrors clean, because.  I will.
I will not be afraid to tell the truth.  I will not.
I will trust myself.  I will.
I will trust someone.  I will.
I will make a new friend.  I will.
I will make a new old friend.  I will.
I will understand that I give because it heals me.  Because I deserve healing, I will give anyway. In fact, I will give more.   I will.
I will be more than words on a screen, typed words on paper.  I will.
I will kiss him when he least expects my affection.  I will.
I will honor my most cherished memories by not keeping them all to myself.  I will.
I will laugh, with myself, at myself, and with others.  I will.
I will make some promises worth keeping.  I will.
Then, I will keep those promises.  I will.

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