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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

If you need a friend... (fighting the loneliness of teenagers)

With tears in her heart, my daughter told me about a note she found in the Student Council suggestion box.  She clearly felt the pain of the anonymous writer.  I would probably just embrace and wallow in that anonymously shared pain, but she embraced it and went into action.
She IMMEDIATELY, before even getting home for the night, began researching the policies she must follow to start a sanctioned new group at her high school.
Even though she's a senior, straight, smart, pretty, creative, and has plenty of friends, she has made it her mission to work hard for social change at high school. 
Because nobody should have to feel as isolated and unaccepted as one anonymous teenage child who reached out with a note.
(Tweets that night)
My daughter:
Is a Gay-Straight Alliance something people would join? It would be like a judgement-free support group open to anybody who needs a friend.
9:43pm - 21 Aug 13
Me:  Read- anon. note in student council suggestion box. Response- start alliance/support group for LGBT teens. Time elapsed- <12hrs. #MyGoodKids
2:34am - 22 Aug 13

*She has procured a faculty sponsor and submitted the proposal to the principal, who must submit it to the Board of Education.  Crossing all our fingers and hearts that no (bigoted, hate-based, religious, etc.) opposition will arise and be able to prevent this much-needed project from starting.