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Friday, March 28, 2014

Dave Elliot's Surprise Gaycation Adventure

#1.  Dave Elliot has been a (admittedly, bland) fixture on our local news as long as I can remember.  I always assumed Dave was gay, but I never consciously gave it much thought.  Y'all mean he's not?  (A it.  You don't know for sure, which is appropriate.  Why does everybody have to be publicly classified?)
#2.  This remark, by itself, has got to be one of the least offensive "offensive" statements I've ever seen people get riled up about.  What's up with that? 
#3.  Not long ago, Paula Dean called black people "niggers" and was wildly defended by many of the same people attacking Dave today.  (Don't bother denying it.  You know who you are.)  When I dared express my opposition to the near-rabid defense of poor little Paula, I heard, time and again:  "I may not agree with what others say, but I will defend their right to say it!"  Really.  That's what you said.  Go back and look it up.  Really?  You support free speech, even when you don't agree, huh?  Because the evidence says otherwise. 
A person can't express that he is weary of constant "news" coverage about any group or topic?  (You don't have to hate children to be unable to tolerate Nancy Grace marathons.)
#4.  As for all the Missippians who think Dave Elliot is what makes us look bad...  I'm sure you can find something on Netflix to cheer you up.  There's plenty of discount beer and tobacco stores right down the street.  They probably take EBT and, if not, I'm sure there's a payday loan (shark) place in spitting distance.  You can gamble and eat BigMacs 24/7.  Liquor stores still close at ten, but your dealer doesn't.

There seems to be some confusion surrounding the south.  This is Mississippi.  Mississippi is in something called the United States of America.  Americans have the right to free speech.  That means Mississippians have the right to free speech.  

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