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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Your Baby Daddy's Parents: Are our uptight roots showing? Or, have WE just grown up?

We always wondered what would be the straw that broke the Reluctantly Acceptant Camel's back, and it's Terminology.  Words.  Definitions.  Language is how we interact and assign meaning and purpose to our lives.  This came as a bit of surprise to us, especially considering the amount of enjoyment we derive from using "words" like acceptant, which is as a fine dark chocolate on our tongues, but may not be an actual word, and is likely responsible for causing others to enjoy no small amount of supreme annoyance when they encounter it... But, this really isn't about us.
Truth versus real-time fiction crafted out of false claims, wishful thinking, and an irrational sense of equality, importance, and entitlement.
Alas, we have grown weary of the couple of generations of (if you go by age) adults who expect the rest of us to blithely pretend alongside them as they play their grown-up version of HOUSE.
We don't care how long you've been "together" or how many babies you have or haven't unleashed on the world.  If you're not MARRIED, your Baby Daddy's parents are not your FUCKING inlaws.
Wait.  That's exactly what they ARE!  They're your "FUCKING" inlaws. 
Congratulations.  On FUCKING.  You must be good.
We can't begin to fathom how proud those fucking inlaws must be, simply knowing their adult child figured out how to have sex.  Maybe y'all can "do it" on America's Got Talent.  Or try out for So You Think Can Fuck or Fucking With the Stars.

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