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Sunday, March 31, 2013

One man's trash is another person's come-up! This is fleeping AWESOME!

Your comment about the seersucker suitage made me realize what a remarkable, positive trend is currently sweeping our great nation.

Isn't it refreshing to see people of all faiths uniting by embracing that hit Mackelmore song?
Now, more than ever, we can drive away from church, temple, synagogue, tabernacle, teepee, or Shriner's gathering, blasting Thrift Shop on our stereos with the tops off and the windows down, and feel pious despite the cuss words (or "smudged over" PROBABLE cuss words, depending on if it's a radio station edit versus mp3 or CD) in the song itself.
Today, while exiting worship services ALL OVER, people who have never interacted with one other, in any way, are beginning to open up and "dialogue" because of this uplifting song!
It's a beautiful sight to behold, and to listen to (unless listen is included in the definition of the word behold- but I didn't bring my dictionary or Bible in the bath with me this time.  Do you KNOW how long it takes to dry out books that size??  I wish I didn't.)

Scene 1  Two young people exit, and notice each other for the first time.

Person #1:  Hey, isn't that my Grandpa's coat?
Person #2:  Maybe.  Which thrift store does your Grandma donate his clothes to when she gets sick of them?
Person #1:  The Goodwill on Soufth Second Main Street Boulevard by the railroad tracks.
Person #2:  You think you could ask her to let YOU know next time she's gonna donate, and then you can offer to take them FOR her, as a FAVOR (wink wink), and let me have a run at them first? 
Person #1:  That's an awesome idea!  (A) It saves Grandma some hassle.  (B)  By bypassing the Goodwill, you get the stuff for even cheaper.  (C)  And I get a little pocket to buy Meth!  I mean, to buy MORE BIBLES, not Meth!  (Stoopid auto correct)

Scene 2  Exchange names and cell phone #s and both Person #1 and Person #2 will be in fantastic moods until they get home and find out their respective Grandpas ate ALL the Easter eggs AND cookies while everybody else was gone.

Scene #3  Grandpa's hearing aids and teeth mysteriously appear on Ebay.

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