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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Prequel to Not in My Neighborhood, in texts (beginning FRIDAY Night)

ME: You can shower and then I'll get my bath & whoever can will pick up Whodunit (from late field trip). Be keerful. I came really close to getting hit hard on my side earlier when I was by myself. Was scary.

HIM:  Sounds good.
Whodunit and I almost got creamed the other day.

ME:  I Love and I hate that we have so much non-material treasures to lose.

(Flash forward to Saturday afternoon)

ME:  Going in now to see Stripes. Love you. (have to leave phone in car)

HIM:  I Love You!

(a few hours later that same day)
ME:  Leaving now. I love you.

HIM:  Ok. Please be careful.

(later that same day again)(because I don't text while I drive)
ME:  I am. Train was blocking road, finally it's moving. I was looking for alternate routes. TGFGPS!

(a few minutes later that same day AGAIN)
ME:  Oh my God, it's slowing DOWN AGAIN. effing trains

(a little later, again, nothing to wash down my Rapid Release Tylenol and caffeine pill for a mild headache rapidly threatening to become a migraine)
ME:  I coulda BUILT a Wendy's to make my own damn frosty & fries by now.

(a little later again, again)
ME:  Ok, it's TWO TRAINS. Guess they forgot to throw the switch or check the schedule again.

HIM:  You're so funny
(note: I was NOT laughing. Or joking, and did not reply.)

(a good deal later that same day, from driveway)
ME:  Home
(see, short and sweet, because of being hungry, thirsty, headachey, and glad to be home)

HIM:  Yay. I'm bout to leave (work-he misses me when we're apart, apparently)

(following the altercation with the old lady while checking the mailbox)
ME:  You might wanna move the garbage can to where the neighborhood Nazi prefers it.

HIM:  What're you talking about?

ME: (silence) (because I was gonna tell him all about it when he got home in a few minutes!)

Followed by an unnecessary phone call to explain when all I wanted to do was take my RRT & caffeine pill and eat my cinnamon toast because I hadn't eaten since morning and I kept having to push it back down in the toaster so it would be warm enough to spread without needing to microwave it. Especially because the microwave had sustained a controlled burn involving a leftover Olive Garden breadstick while I was away.
And I DID finally end up microwaving my toast.  (It turned out fine.)

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  1. Don't let the neighborhood nazi win!!! -Stripes


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