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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Equality House *Will Love Conquer Hate? *

I think pasting this into your browser will take you to the report I saw on fb.


There was a comment about PAYBACK, nothing hateful or vulgar, just people fed up with a particular church's very public expressions of hatred.  My reply was (as usual) much too long to post on Facebook.  But, y'know how some things just get under your skin and you just gotta TELL Somebody, even if it's your completely empty blog in the middle of the night, but you can't sleep until you have your say, however small it may be?  Me, too!

*So, the following is my reply, for anyone who reads fast and/or has some time on their hands.*

It's not PAYBACK.  It's humanity's peaceful response to Hate.  One side of that street knows a "secret" that the other side doesn't know.  You fight Ignorance with Education, Hate by demonstrating Love, and Intolerance with Beano!  (Sorry, I couldn't help that!). 

I myself suffer from an EXTREME case of Intolerance of individuals and groups that practice and teach Hatred.  Somehow, it makes it so much worse that they think they are hiding behind God's robes. 

Listen up, Haters:  EVERYBODY sees you.  You are parading about in your emperor's new clothes, and ALL your naughty bits (Hate, Sins, Lies, Bigotry, Evil thoughts,etc.) are on display for the rest of the Whole World to see. 

If I may be so bold as to speak on behalf of the rest of the Whole World for a minute, we don't like you.  We don't hate you, but we've had enough of your nonsense, and we want you to go on home now! 

Stop by the store on your way home and lay in enough supplies for a few years, in other words, until you die or a cure is found for the contagious disease of hatred that you have spread like Typhoid Mary amongst your flock.

You're gonna need a generator (and a tanker full of diesel or gasoline, depending on what kind of generator you decide on) to power your underground bomb shelter.  Bring all your weapons and ammo in, not just your guns.

Bring plenty of MREs, Vienna sausages, and dog food.  And cookies, which you should hide from the others.  Try to not ever be the fattest one there (don't eat them cookies- I know you'll be tempted!), because everybody knows when the other food runs out, people start sizing each other up, and the fattest is the first one that makes an empty freezer full again. 

If you accidentally ARE the fattest, and they start looking at you funny, offer them some cookies, always indicating that it's your very last package of cookies (it isn't!). 

While they are distracted by the cookies, make your escape, Fatty!  You shoulda already had an escape plan in place.  If you didn't plan that far ahead, you are obviously not the brightest speed bump and probably deserve to be eaten.  Might as well finish off the cookies by yourself at that point.  As they say, you can't take 'em with you.  You will require a LOT of A1 steak sauce, so hopefully that's an item they stocked up on.

You know what?  On second thought, just try harder to Love Thy Neighbors, ALL of them, not just the ones who give you an AMEN when you ask for it on Sunday.

From what I can recall about the Biblical God I was brought up learning about, y'all are LUCKY HE don't strike people down with lightening, or send you some sorely deserved plagues.

Oh, wait, maybe he did send plagues, but they backfired.  Ignorance, Hate, and Bigotry are waaaaay worse than frogs or head lice.  Haha, made your head start itching, didn't we?

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