Hardly Evil at All

I bet if you took all the evil people in the world and laid them end to end (but not in any dirty kind of way), you would be surprised to find that not one of them was Me.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy New Year! *2013*

Goodbye, Twelve,
You hateful whore!
You ain't welcome
'round Us no more!

Take your lies,
And spies, and games,
Burn all your "lists"
the ones with our names.

Here's to Us,
You, me, and we.
Don't know how,
But here we still be!

You fought dirty.
We fought hard.
Truth is our weapon,
Praise the Lawd!

BUT if Lucky Thirteen
just falls slap apart,
Fourteen's soon to bring
a whole 'nother new start!

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