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Friday, January 11, 2013

As Sigmund Freug says: Sometimes a Sock is JUST a Sock!

One of my children (who shall remain mostly nameless here) used to wear mismatched socks (who DOESN'T, right?), which was fine by me, because I pretty much don't care what ANYbody wears, as long as all the pertinent body parts are covered appropriately, and there are NO reading materials placed across said pertinent parts to draw attention to them.  Whoever first started putting words, ANY words, but especially suggestive words like sexy, cutie, hottie, etc., across the backsides of clothing marketed to females, particularly to little girls, was a giant pervert who, if not a pedophile himself, undoubtedly made a lot of pedophiles VERYHAPPY and should have been punished harshly and made an example of.  But, that's really a whole'nother subject, a whole'nother soapbox, for a whole'nother day!*

Oh, yeah, SOCKS!  She didn't like to limit her individuality by following the masses and wearing socks that matched EACH OTHER (we had literally hundreds of socks, most of which DID have matches, somewhere in the house!), much less the assorted clothing items she might choose to wear on any particular day, and so she routinely wore two different (sometimes VASTLY different!) socks. 

No problem.  She is kind to others, sticks up for the underdog, makes the highest grades in class, and has never been "to the Principal's Office" for anything negative.
Imagine my horror when I learned that, when asked about her socks, instead of taking the time to explain that she preferred to not be constrained by mundanity (it is entirely possible that I just made up that word- mundanity, because my phone didn't recognize it, and I was waaaay too lazy to find a dictionary), she told people that she didn't have any CLEAN,MATCHING socks to wear!!! (True Story!)

I did NOT revoke the right of self-expression through dress at that time.  The minor (and adult,  actually) occupants in our household retain, as always, the privilege of expressing themselves through dress and/or fashion, so long as it fits MY (oft-described as OLD-fashioned) definition of decent.
However,  I DID threaten (*Whodunit KNEW it was an empty threat- she's been here with us long enough to know that we don't hit children!) her with her very life if she EVER again told ANYone that she had NO CLEAN (insert: any clothing item you can possibly think of) to wear, even if sometimes it might be true!!!

P.S.  The unidentified person was * Whodunit!
I checked my own policy (Is it weirder that I MADE such a policy in the first place, or that I FORGOT I had already done so?) on protecting the anonymity of any Real, Alive, people in my life who might pop up in some form or other in a blog post.  The policy is to assign and use an ALIAS (such as *Whodunit) for each individual.
(Yes, there's an ACTUAL file, a list that I update regularly and keep securely password protected.  Who knows?  YOU may be on the list already.)  One's ALIAS is NOT to be confused with one's NICK!  Unlike Aliases, Nicks may be used in ordinary conversation, fb posts, etc. 
Your Blogalias may be released to you upon our receipt of either your written request or a court order.

P.P.S.  I think BLOGALIAS might be a brand-new word, too.  Quick- Somebody dig up that Webster dude, and ask to borrow his dictionary!

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