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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pirates, Cats, Games, and the INDOMITABLE Johnny Depp

Additional "domestic" animals can be justified if you explain that you are getting them so that other pets and/or children in your household won't be bored (that's how we acquired Jagger!).   And this particular kitty has an extensive resume of making any other animals (and/or children) around look like ANGELS by comparison!  
(LIGHT BULB!) I propose we start a version of Chain Letter, but we'll call it: Pass The Kitty!  Only have to find either 12 or (preferably) 52 famblies to participate.  Jagger spends a specified segment (one week versus one month) of a year with each Fambly.
By the time each Fambly PASSES the KITTY, they will have learned so many valuable lessons that it will be well worth the danger faced by participating in the "game" in the first place.
First essential basic guideline to establish: Exactly WHOSE homeowner's insurance will be responsible in the event of the inevitable injuries, theft, destruction of property, and/or arson that are all but guaranteed (Players, BEWARE, as the old saying goes, except with Pirates, and Johnny Depp!).

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