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Monday, December 17, 2012

DARE to Keep Your Child Safe at Home

Keep your child or children Safe at Home at least one day this week.

Can we all, as citizens of the United States of America (and not only parents of school-aged children), put aside our differences for a moment and agree that our tax money should be used to KEEP our children SAFE at the public educational institutions we are involuntarily forced to fund and, if we can't afford otherwise, forced to physically entrust with our children during their elementary and secondary educational years?

FUCK Standardized Testing!  Please pardon the profanity; its intent is to add emphasis, and not to offend.  It is inspired by the sense of extreme helplessness and hopelessness many of us experience each day as we send the children we love more than anything in the world off into places that are inherently fraught with various dangers, albeit usually on a much less sensational scale.

As a nation, we have pretty much collectively given up on our public school systems.  Many have turned to homeschooling or, if they can scrape the money together, enrolled their own children in carefully selected private schools.  These critical choices are typically based on a combination of fear for Safety, and a disappointment at the "quality" of education currently produced in the public system.  I'll not waste time or energy here on the reasons our schools are "failing" as graded on current methods of academic assessment, because that means less than NOTHING to us when compared with our desire to keep children safe.
I know that our Students do not feel Safe at School.
I know that our Teachers do not feel Safe at School.
And I KNOW that we PARENTS share all those fears, and then some.

Teachers cannot TEACH children they can't PROTECT.

If you or I go to certain public buildings, we are automatically required to go through one or more security checks, including walking through and/or being "wanded" by metal detectors, having our belongings searched, and being physically frisked.  We accept this.

Why have we not demanded a minimum standard of security for the youngest citizens of our country?  Simply having metal Detectors, CAREFULLY screened Security Officers, protocols, and prepared TEAMS in place just might help PREVENT (or at least cut short) some COMPLETELY unpredictable, unforgettable, and UNFORGIVABLE tragedies!  Do you feel like asking me:  But where will the money come from?  To that, I reply:  I DON'T CARE where they get it!  Let them figure it out, or let you and me do it ourselves.  There's an awful lot of money wasted in our current systems, and we ALL know it.  Money is NOT the issue. 

NO school can teach children they cannot protect!

Some of us are going to make a loud noise this week.  Join us, if you DARE!
For most, these are the last school days before the yearly winter break.
DARE to Keep YOUR CHILDREN SAFE AT HOME, on one or more of these days, both as a SilentTribute (moment/day of Reflection and Prayer) to the lives lost and horrors endured,  and as a LOUD MESSAGE to the people who decide how each dollar of OUR money earmarked for the education of children is spent.  Then, explain, in very specific terms) to EVERYONE (from teacher's assistants, janitors, nurses, students, teachers, principals, secretaries, superintendents, boards of education, other parents, bus drivers, truant officers, and as far up the hierarchy you can get- preferably to a national level) WHY you believe this action was necessary, and WHAT we want, no, what we DEMAND be initiated in order to create a safer environment for our nation's children, who are, lest we forget this component, REQUIRED by LAW to spend a great deal of time in what we are now forced to admit are grossly unprepared, and potentially lethally unsafe institutions of learning.


We beg you to make attempts to protect the children we entrust to your care, while at the institutions you oversee. 
I would rather have children that can't even read than children that are threatened, harmed, or fearful for their lives and their safety while at school.

A Voter Who is Watching and Waiting

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