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Friday, November 9, 2012

Days of the Week: My Very First Big Girl Panties

I remember how excited I was when I received the gift of Days of the Week big girl panties at my very first birfday party. Of course, by then, I had been completely potty trained for quite some time. Since there were SEVEN of us chilren, we could afford only one birfday party per year. And they went alphabetically! I always had Bandaids on my fingers. It is unbelievably dangerous and time-consuming (not to mention embarrassing) to be doing up your own (COMPLETELY clean and dry- I shouldn't need to clarify this, but I don't want y'all getting the wrong idea) cloth diapers every time first grade goes for bathroom break. Eventually, I just learned to "hold it" until I got home. My urologist thinks that may be partially responsible for the severity of my kidney stone disorder.

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